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User Experience

Creating a beautiful and intuitive User Experience is top of our priority list. This means that it is easy-to-use whether you are a media-savvy user dealing with huge volumes of video on a daily basis, or a non-media centric user.



With iconik, it is all about being able to easily navigate and discover the content housed in your library. The discovery view is not only an intuitive user experience, it also intelligently pushes content suggestions based on the user's unique profile. This includes suggestions based on what is trending, previously watched, and recommended.

Content Intelligence

iconik uses the latest AI technology to apply intelligence to your content.

Video and images can be automatically tagged based on their content. It enables reviewing suggested tags and requesting approval on items.

iconik can also integrate custom-trained video analysis solutions, adapted to your content and workflow.





Sharing is easy, whether that be with other users within your platform or external stakeholders via a simple email link. You can determine access level for each of those users on an asset-by-asset basis.

Global Editorial Workflow

Thanks to the Adobe Premiere panel, editors can work in Premiere and let iconik work for you in the background. Assets can be easily added to projects from iconik and rendered timelines exported to iconik.


Review & Approval

Reviewing and approving content is also simple, so you can truly collaborate with all stakeholders wherever they are.


iconik is designed to be the single source of truth for media, allowing you to give access to everyone in the company, no matter what their role.

Detailed access controls enable you to define that access to a great degree for each individual user.


Hybrid Cloud workflows


iconik has been natively built for the cloud, but can also manage your on-premise assets.

This gives you a holistic view of all your assets no matter where they live.


Supporting hybrid workflows means you can easily share content for review and approval. Proxy workflows means you don’t have to send massive files each time, making the whole process much more efficient.


iconik can be easily integrated with our Media Asset Management System, Cantemo Portal™. The combined solution means you can use multiple Portals for specific workgroups’ needs, and extend that with iconik, providing global collaboration and discovery.

iconik is easy to use, whether you work with media on daily basis or just want to stay up-to-date with new video content.