iconik October 15, 2019

New Asset Relations in iconik

When teams create together, you want to do whatever you can to keep the collaboration timely and efficient. This iconik update includes a lot of new features that will enhance and speed up your media management tasks. See what’s new! Asset Relations In order to empower entire organizations to have the greatest ROI on their media, iconik presents media in a complete and holistic way. Now, iconik has a new way to show this through asset relations.

iconik September 12, 2019

How to Easily Setup a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Few things travel as far and as fast as media. When creative teams work together over distances, the cloud is what connects them. However, media content continues to explode in size with 4K and 8K resolutions, and purely cloud-based storage is often too expensive and may not always be fully optimized for editorial workflows. And while cloud solutions can be very secure, storing data offline adds even more security by eliminating remote threats.

iconik August 22, 2019

iconik Reveals Versioning at IBC 2019

Great stories happen when a character is thrust into a series of events, and the action carries them away to new and amazing places. This year, the journey of iconik has been much the same. It has developed and grown so quickly—even faster than we expected. Schedule a meeting at IBC! Since IBC 2018, iconik has expanded with new features like: Notifications PDF support Bring your own AI licenses Integration with Backblaze B2 storage Shared collections Player In/out marker buttons Forced metadata for uploads Mapping XMP/IPTC metadata

iconik August 13, 2019

Map Your Metadata in iconik

We hope you’ve enjoyed your summer. While you’ve been soaking up the sun, here’s what we’ve added to iconik… Mapping Metadata As a platform, iconik allows you to configure it in a way that best suits your needs. Custom metadata forms are one of the ways you can make iconik your own. Now, iconik can map embedded metadata like IPTC, XMP, and EXIF to asset metadata fields. When new media is uploaded to iconik, mapped field values like dates, times, camera settings, license info and more can be automatically added into the asset’s metadata.

iconik June 13, 2019

Cantemo Group Adds iconik Media AB

When iconik launched at the end of 2017, we could never have anticipated the journey ahead. The Cantemo team knew iconik would deliver a revolutionary solution to the media management market, but we couldn’t have known that we would pass so many major milestones ahead of schedule. During the past year, iconik attracted the attention of many small companies, organizations, and a few major global brands. And the momentum shows no signs of slowing.

iconik April 24, 2019

Bring Your own AI to iconik

Good news! Our team has been finding new ways to help you discover and share your media. Here’s what you’ll find in the latest release of iconik. Bring your own AI license Adding intelligence to your content is a game-changer, but maybe you already knew that and have your own AI license. Good call! Now you can bring your own AI licenses for Google Vision, Google Video intelligence or Amazon Rekognition.

iconik February 4, 2019

iconik Shared Collections

Our team at iconik has been growing, and we’ve been busy working to make iconik more powerful for you. 2019 is going to be great for iconik and we’re excited to roll out the first lineup of improvements for this year. Our aim has always been to help you work faster and smarter around your media. If you share that same goal, then you’re going to like these updates.

iconik November 30, 2018

Keeping the Terms Updated

Terms and conditions of use are not often highlighted but vitally important to ensure everyone is getting the best out of a service. As well as continually updating our solutions, we are also continually reviewing our terms to make sure that they always reflect the best interests of both our customers and Cantemo. In the same way that it is important that iconik is easy to use without in-depth technical knowledge, terms should also be easy to understand without in-depth legal knowledge.

iconik November 28, 2018

iconik - enhancing usability

Our number one priority is to develop beautiful yet powerful solutions for media management. As such, we are continually refining our designs and solutions. With the latest release of iconik, we have introduced features that make searching and metadata management even more powerful than before. Here is a quick overview of the most important updates: 1. New Design of Metadata Administration Metadata management is essential for media management. If you don’t have proper metadata, you won’t be able to find your assets, simple as that!

iconik October 4, 2018

iconik - making life easier with notifications

iconik is all about making life easier for users, so that they can concentrate on creating and delivering great video. This release sees the introduction of notifications for a couple of different scenarios: Firstly, we have introduced notifications that can let a user know when a job has finished. This is useful for those jobs that take some time to perform, as is the case when handling video. This could, for example, be transcoding or a file transfer

iconik September 10, 2018

iconik - more than just video

Media management is more than just video. We know that media management is great for all kinds of media files, whether video, images, or even pdf files that are a mix of images and text. That is why this release sees improvements for managing and previewing PDF files. We’ve also made some improvements to the User Interface. 1. PDF Support Being able to preview PDFs properly in the web without having to download them is pretty important for customers working with PDF’s and other documents.

iconik August 8, 2018

iconik - a jam-packed feature release

If you have been watching with bated breath for the next release, you may have noticed that it has been almost two months since we made a feature release in iconik. However, you will be pleased to know that it’s because we’ve been busy designing and developing. Thanks to a couple of months with our heads down, this release is packed with some pretty great features. Updates include: 1. Archive Support iconik now supports archiving to various cloud based solutions.